Aidni Venture Limited

Aidni Venture limited is lead by Mr. Hardik Gajjar Founder of the group. Currently its expanding in Canada as trade consultant and service provider for international trade. 

We care

The Aidni team cares about empowering business owners, sustainability and making a difference.

How we work

We are an international network of business and Financial professionals, represented in India, Europe and the US.

What we do

The Aidni team helps its client’s access new markets, increase sales, formulate strategy, tell a company’s story and promote their services. From branding to sales and capital AIDNI is a full service consulting company that helps clients succeed in the global marketplace.


Pharmadocs Management Limited

Document Management Services

We provide services internationally for the pharmaceutical industry and specializes in the authorization of Ayurvedic [Herbal Medicines] & Cosmetics in CDSCO, AYUSH & FDA

Ayurveda Herbal Services

Ayurveda is one of the traditional systems of medicine that practices holistic principles primarily focused on personalized health. Originated in India.

Managing Director’s Message

“We can assist with project management and registration of such products and have valuable experience in this area.
We can work with you to guide you through the necessary requirements under the Directive that you will have to comply with. We can either prepare for you or help you to preparea submission for a traditional herbal medicinal product, including vital presubmission discussions with the Health Authorities.” 

– Darshit Joshi