At AIDNI, Values are how we all think, act and feel.
It is the values we hold that make us the people and the company we are.

To be the most admired and best-in-class global business partner enhancing the quality of international business with excellent strategies, commitments and dedication towards work.


We encourage our people and partners to embrace creative solutions and excel through entrepreneurship.


We recognize and respect the diversity and needs of our people, patients and partners, ensuring transparent and constructive interactions through mutual trust.


We are united in shared responsibility for our actions, our people, the wellbeing of our patients and in achieving a sustainable impact on the environment.


We are confident; standing up for what we believe in and pursuing our goals passionately. Always resilient, we dare to challenge the norm.


We commit to maintain the highest ethical and quality standards without compromise.



Aidni is one of the leading Global Business Solution companies. Our global headquarters is situated in India, Canada & Europe. We have our presence in more than 70 countries.

In India, Aidni has been operating since 2017, in order to bring world-class business strategic options at the doorstep of MSMEs. Our vision is to be the most admired and best-in-class global business partner enhancing the quality of international business with excellent strategies, commitments and dedication towards work. To keep up with this promise, following all global standard up-to-date and maintain policies for clients for better and smooth operations in International Trade.

I would like to extend a warm invitation to you to discover more about Aidni Global Group.

With best wishes,

Hardik Gajjar

Chairman & Founder

Aidni Global Group


Aidni Global provides Export/Import services, with quick distributor identification, nationally and globally. Aidni Global offers Export & Import services to multinational and Indian companies. Aidni Global finds distributors in India, neighboring countries and the rest of the world. We identifies reliable and efficient distributors in international markets and supplies the products sourced from In-dia and other countries. We also work closely with companies that provide Logistic Services, Cargo Services, Import Services, Export Ser-vices, Indenting Agents, Merchandising Services, Outsourcing Services, International Freight Forwarding Services, Customs Clearance Services, Transportation Services, Warehousing Services, Logistics Consultant, Supply Chain Management, Break Bulk Cargoes, ODC Cargo, Vessel Chartering and Project Cargoes.Shipment Coordination—We coordinate the product supply shipment securely to its destination.
Market Penetration—We ensure market penetration of the products by the identified/appointed distributors in the chosen country. Shipment Tracking—We track the products in the market as well as at the warehouse of the distributor. Market-Specific Training—We also arrange training requirements needed for specific markets with clients at both ends. Our Strong Network enables us to provide you with smoothly running solutions for import and export.
Faster identification of distributors in different countries. EASIER, FASTER MARKET PENETRATION
Easier and faster penetration of new markets through identification of reliable and efficient distributor network contributing to lower costs.


Aidni, we are export-import based company working for the benefits of exporters and importer through a strong and balance relationship among our clients. We offer a wide variety of financial measures to promote exports. we also deal with the role of commercial banks and export credit agencies and private-sector credit insurance. we offer entrepreneurs practical information on how identify the most suitable payment methods and required credit facilities. we also provide information on fi-nance related legal documentation and models of the most common forms and agreements. With the rapidly developing trade base in the import and export industry, project finance and trade import and export, finance is playing a huge role in how countries are doing business with each other. The roles of financial institutions are to provide security when business is being done across country borders. Whether you need a tender guarantee to bid on a construction project or a confirmed letter of credit to buy goods from China and import them into Australia, Aidni has the ability to issue or arrange for the issuance for all these different types of commercial letters of credit and financial and or performance guarantees.

Aidni has experts on the ground in various parts of the world that represent various areas of business, heavy infrastructure and service industry and are able to guide clients in the right direction to attain their specific project goals. Today with its channel part-ner offices in NZ, USA, Thailand and India and correspondents in Europe and the UK, Manidhar has unique link ups with Banking and finance institutions all over the world with superior connections for the issuances of just about any kind of commercially acceptable swift transmitted trade credits as the case may be.
Services we offer,
 Letter of Credit
 Bank Guarantees
 Documentary Collections
 Performance guarantees
 Standby Letter of Credit
 Proof of Fund Documents
Through honest and reliable business practices to build its good reputation, we have obtained worldwide acceptability. We can help businesses create new opportunities and revenue streams all around the world.


AIDNI offers trusted solutions for your Production, Manufacturing & Supply Chain needs.
AIDNI specializes in enabling world-class services for low, medium and large volume Contract Manufacturing and Contract Production for a wide variety of industries and market sectors. We fix functional goals to offer ready-to-sell, high quality, finished products, with market packaging or OEM level packaging.

We offer two types of services:



We follow standard and trusted processes for all our manufacturing and production projects.

REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS – Gathering and analyzing requirements and detailed specifications to understand the client’s needs.

QUALITY CONTROL & ASSURANCE -Conducting Quality Control and QA testing according to best-in-class standards.

ESTABLISH PRE-QUALIFY STANDARDS -Establishing pre-qualify product standards for efficient benchmarking. Establishing the source.

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT – Supply Chain Management to ensure efficient and economical production and distribution.

COORDINATING MANUFACTURING – Tackling vendor identification & management, and seam-less procurement of raw material & packing material.

DOCUMENTATION AND SUPPLY – Ensuring proper documentation and supply is in place.

With our expertise in contract production and manufacturing, as well as the resources and experts on our side, we can take the bur-den of manufacturing and production off your shoulders, enabling you to focus on the bottom-line. With Manidhar taking care of your manufacturing and production needs, you can be assured of:

HIGH QUALITY WORKMANSHIP – High quality output at par with, and better than, industry and brand standards.

REDUCED COST OF PRODUCTION – High labour efficiency which translates into reduced cost.

RESOURCE RE-ALLOCATION – Resource reallocation to optimize efficiency and productivity.

EXPERT ADVICE – Innovative strategies employed by our experts to reduce material costs.

FLEXIBILITY, RESPONSIVENESS – Flexible and responsive process based on current needs.

FOCUS ON BUSINESS GROWTH – Providing an edge to focus on business growth.


We, AIDNI are a multi-lingual company specializing in international business development, assisting companies to expand or create new export and import opportunities.
We provide sales and marketing expertise to emerging global companies in their quest to bring quality products and services to the market. As an export-import consulting organization, we supports small and me dium sized companies when starting up or intensifying their exporting activities.
We offer business solutions to the importer, exporter and investigating firm needing to secure their products or etablish a foothold in global market place.
For years we have been helping small businesses make the most of worldwide trade.

Strong Export Strategy for SMEs
While big business is anticipating free trade agreements with various countries and regions around the world, most SMEs are sitting on the sidelines!
Instead of whining about the detrimental effects of globalization on small business, SME should get in the game.
Here are some basic steps for successfully managing the first steps toward establishing an export strategy:

  1. Find out in which countries your products could have the largest potential: Where do you have potential and why?
  2. Search the internet to look for potential business partners in the countries you’ve identified.
  3. Asses the market potential for your products and service in those countries. Conduct specific market research to obtain concrete, accessible market potential.
  4. Prepare international-style marketing and product docu-mentation. The importance of this step is very often un-derestimated and, consequently, many SME are ill pre-pared for it.
  5. Contact potential distributors–today they are pretty easy to find–and sell! Selling is your job!
  6. Start identifying customers in the respective country.
  7. Feed the leads–and the orders–to newly engaged distrib-utors.
  8. Repeat steps 5 to 7 as long as it takes to get the business up and running.

Naturally, there is much more to establishing a successful export business. The last steps are where the SME owner usually drops the ball, because they require committing skills and resources. I acknowledge that that the list looks easy, but in reality it is a lot of work.
For parts of the work you should consider hiring a hungry consultant. Not a consultant who produces presen-tations; you need one who is ready, willing and able to open doors wide open!
Follow these steps, and soon you’ll be enjoying the many benefits that exporting has to offer an SME, includ-ing the following:
 By diversifying, the market risks are spread across many baskets –- even in a globalized world.
 An exporting SME faces many more operations and product challenges — and thus learns much more — than those that limit themselves to the home market.
 You expand your supply chain opportunities.
 You are exposed to many more business strategies and ideas.
Exporting makes your business stronger!


Tactical Solution
Strategy is often confused with planning. AIDNI does not fall into this trap. Rather, we take a fundamental and bold look at both opportunities and threats. Our predilection is to test wheth-er our clients have the opportunity to lead markets through technical or commercial entrepreneurship.
AIDNI naturally searches for unconventional or unobvious ways for creating points of difference which, in turn, will deliver high and sustainable returns for our clients.
We challenge our clients and ourselves to create ambitious and achievable outcomes by reference to their market conditions, customer segment needs, product innovations or potential competi-tor responses.
Above all, we ensure that the resulting strategy is owned by our clients, not by us.

A lean business is a profitable business, but in our experience companies find an efficient cost base hard to achieve.
Sadly, much of this is due to poor advice from their consultants: solutions which are too generic, cost actions which are not aligned to overall business strategy, or most often clever answers which are impossible to implement or sustain. We have a toolkit of ap-proaches to help clients reduce their cost base, but we know that your business is different, and that ultimately cost reduction has to be led by the business, not by the consultants.
We have particular specialism in:
 Mass workforce optimization (call centers, engineers, shop staff, etc.)
 Footprint optimization
 Head office efficiency
 Facilitated cost reduction – helping every level of an organization contribute to the solution

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